Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions about booking, cancelation, payments, refunds and other terms used on this website ..

Here is a list of benifts for registered users.

1- Can login any time to monitor their account, check booking status, re-print order or invoice, print account statement, etc...

2- Register a company and chose to bill the company, request credit term, you can also add staff to your company.

3- Receive disount coupons.

Toronto Pearson International Airport request all Companies and drivers who provide pre-arranged limousine and Taxis services to register a reservations to pickup of their customer and pay the fees per each vehicle as descriped.

Sedan, van or SUV – $15.00, Stretch limousine or cargo van, like Sprinter, Transit, etc. (max. 12 seats) – $27.00, Mini-bus (13 to 25 seats) – $49.00, Bus (26+ seats) – $93.00.

Airport Limo & Taxis may chose to charge teh customer less than the amount paid for the registration but will not charge more than the cost fo the registration.

The company and the assigned driver will monitor the flight status, once flight landed, driver will wait for 60 minutes free of charge.

It's adviced to contact either the company or the driver if you think you it will take more than 60 minutes to clear.

For arriving at Pearson airport terminal l and 3 - Please go to the pre-arranged desk at door "A" arrival level and ask the Commissioner to contact Airport Limo & Taxis .

For Billy Bishop airport, the car will be waiting at the waiting designated area in front of the exit door, please contact us before you enter the tunnel.

If the driver go for pickup, and after certain amount of time as descriped in company policy, if the customer does not show up, the company will charge you the total amount of the booking.

Flat rate means we charge you a fixed amount for trips from point "A" to point "B".